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I'm Carina! a light player cinematographer and documentarist, based in Brazil.
My work is inspired by the art of living, the beauty and abundance of nature, people and the plurality of communes around the world. 
As a reflection of my inner investigation my mission is to bring light, balance and capture the impermanence of what is and will always be in transformation.
When we surrender to the flow of life, we allow ourselves to open spaces inside us to create and inspire other people to recognise their true potential and inner light. 
woman holding a camera on the beach

wide soul wild body

This project emerges from my awakening process of recognising the inherent unity of all things and the reconciliation with my body.

The more the knots are unleashed, the more the body opens up to the human experience of self-loving, self-respecting and self-honouring, that reflects in loving, respecting and honouring others.

The body, that was once mistreated and punished by misunderstood feelings and actions of self-destruction behaviour, is now transcended through a great portal that would take me far beyond my physical body.

I’ve discovered that this abode is what allows me to be here, now, having the opportunity to evolve. This dwelling is fleeting, but so precious, as it's in this experience, my soul's abode.

Through this body I am able to be a messenger between heaven and earth and fulfil the purpose of serving the light, the unity, the planetary evolution.

To hear every sign of my body, of my organs, is to translate myself, and thus be able to be understood by the other. 

It is to open space to listen and allow the others to be.

It is to be able to enjoy the totality of who I am and recognise my essence. Only then, I’m able to offer my greatest gift: to be love.